Feb trip

Mother of Dragons - 12-28-2019 at 06:01 PM

Keeping it simple until I see if it posts. Having trouble with my posts posting so test...

Mother of Dragons - 12-28-2019 at 06:03 PM

Looks like it worked.
I will be driving from San Ysidro crossing to GN/BA area the first week of Feb.
I have room to take someone and would like to caravan.
I can also take other members here things they need/want.
Heading back from same area the first week of march, ditto on info.
DM me of post on this thread.
Thank you!!!

Mother of Dragons - 1-18-2020 at 05:45 PM

I will be crossing the border Feb 7, San Ysidro.
I’m taking one passenger, possibly 2, and some stuff for Blanca.
If anyone needs anything on anyone brought down as far as Bahia Asuncion please let me know.

BajaBlanca - 1-18-2020 at 07:27 PM

:biggrin: Very grateful!

Mother of Dragons - 2-10-2020 at 05:46 PM

I made it down to GN and Shari’s unbelievable whale camp. It’s perfect with great tents outfitted out and a great common area for food and chatting and reading and eating and a view of the whales breaching, spy hopping and best of all breathing which is the coolest sound ever when just quietly hanging out.

Putting out feelers for March 20 ish if anyone is driving from GN area to CA to give the amazing whale guide a ride back up to at least the border.