SJCabo to Cabo Pulmo

jonnymoderation - 2-11-2020 at 06:54 PM

We are going to try to hitch hike from San Jose del Cabo to Cabo Pulmo tomorrow morning !
Anyone headed that way? We have our gear, food, water - plan on camping at Los Arbolitos or North of Cabo Pulmo.

OCEANUS - 2-11-2020 at 10:43 PM

Los Arbolitos is a day use beach south of Cabo Pulmo. We visited this beach on two separate days last Summer. The beach attendants would charge for parking, and rent out beach equipment (chairs, umbrellas, masks/snorkels, and would coordinate charters off the beach), there were some coastal walking trails too, but we never saw anything about camping in this location.

tobias - 2-12-2020 at 07:54 AM

Camping is 60 pesos per person per night . That includes day use fees.
Road from the south had a two foot deep water crossing last month. The storms had changed the course of a stream and it was feeding five ponds right on the road. Not sure if it has been fixed, it was about two miles south as i recall .

wilderone - 2-12-2020 at 09:06 AM

Si - a few camping spots - basically on the grassy patch or on the beach. There's an adjacent arroyo that flows to the beach, but was too wet to pitch a tent when I was there. I went through about 4 mud/water patches en route. It doesn't get fixed - just stops flowing and dries up. Mosquitos at dusk - no escape from them; and ants WILL find your food.

tiotomasbcs - 2-12-2020 at 05:40 PM

Sounds like fun. Cold weather now but get out there! Hitch to La Ribera from there. Check out Linda's in won't break your budget!

jonnymoderation - 2-14-2020 at 03:44 PM

Linda's in Pulmo? Didnt see it - or do you mean in Ribera?

tiotomasbcs - 2-15-2020 at 01:37 PM

Nancy's....sorry 624 100 2293. Guide books? or google.

jonnymoderation - 2-15-2020 at 03:11 PM

Tripadvisor sez... Sadly, Nancy's is closed !