Grand Solmar 3-bedroom Penthouse

CaboM22 - 4-3-2021 at 03:37 PM

Last-minute opportunity! Usually goes for $14K for the week, this is available for $1,750 per night - choose your nights.

This deal is for the 3-bedroom penthouse and all amenities available at the Grand Solmar property.

ONLY available for days between April 10 - 17.

Call Today!

ligui - 4-4-2021 at 06:53 AM

Hey sign me up a couple months that's in my budget for traveling in Baja . Can I bring my pet goat ?

Cancamo - 4-4-2021 at 09:16 AM

$250 discount per night to king's ransom, such a deal.

Doubt you'll find many takers here, you might try Forbes, classified section.

In addition, anything priced in dollars is usually a burn here in Mexico, now what's that in our currency? Around 35,000 pesos a night!

No Mame guey!

del mar - 4-4-2021 at 09:42 AM

all you got to have is green.....

AKgringo - 4-4-2021 at 01:22 PM

I am glad there are people who are able to book a penthouse for 14k a week, and enjoy the vacation. That kind of travel helps support a lot of workers, but it never appealed to me!

I would rather spend time exploring remote places with my dog than wake up in a five star hotel full of tourists and/or partiers!

I have to admit that it would be fun at an upscale place to hand the keys to my 22 year old beater to a valet parking attendant.