New on Trip #1 for Baja Bound Road Guide (San Felipe to Pta San Francisquito)

David K - 4-6-2021 at 06:11 PM

So many photos, so little web space (just kidding)!

A three-part page:

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thebajarunner - 4-6-2021 at 08:10 PM

I needed that!!!!
Every picture brings back a memory
Some of these are countless
When the plague is passed I gotta get back
Really need a good “Baja fix “ right now

David K - 4-6-2021 at 08:42 PM

That is what my web pages are hopefully to do: inspire travel, help plan, record history of Baja locations.

The idea is to preserve my 2017 research trips that are currently the trip reports #1-#8 on Nomad. The photos on Nomad are hosted on Photobucket and I don't trust Photobucket since they removed features and are charging for a formerly free service.
Now, the photos are not third party hosted with them on my website.

geoffff - 4-6-2021 at 09:37 PM

Nice details!!!

David K - 4-6-2021 at 10:22 PM

You are the detail master, my friend! Thank you.