Want to caravan/ convoy to La Paz 1/14/22

Lengua - 12-26-2021 at 03:43 PM

Need to head south from Portland OR to get our stuff out of a bodega in La Paz.

Willing to caravan/convoy with others heading South and
Would prefer to travel with others.

Aware that Covid throws a wrinkle into things but am fully vaccinated and looking for same if it’s a ride along situation

Looking to return to Portland OR at the end of the month/first week of February - anyone heading South and north around that time frame

BajaBlanca - 12-26-2021 at 08:15 PM

Hi, if I amazon some kid shoes to you, could you drop them off in San Ignacio with owner Bonnie at the yurts?

Lengua - 12-27-2021 at 04:52 PM

Hi , If I can put this trip together with someone who can ride along with me or a caravan I don't see why not. How many miles is San Ignacio off the highway and would Bonnie be able to put us up for the night?

BajaBlanca - 12-27-2021 at 07:59 PM

Bonnie cant put you up for the night as she is doing me a favor and the yurts are on the pricey end of accomodations.

Ignacio Springs Inn is about 3 min off the highway. Really easy dropoff.