BUSY BUSY: New Trip Pages Made for 2008-2010 trips + More Maps!

David K - 12-30-2021 at 03:01 PM

Having the ability to make my own web pages has been such a joy. I had to lean on my web host to add content... and he is a busy guy!

For the past ten years, only two of my five trips in 2010 had pages. Now, all of them do. I also had one trip in 2008 that lacked a page. It was our last time to Guadalupe Canyon hot springs, too:

Oct. ’08: Guadalupe Canyon for Halloween

Jan. 2010: Bahía Santa María & Sulfur Mine

July 4, 2010: Shell Island with friends

July 18, 2010: Shell Island, Gonzaga Bay, Coco’s Corner

Of course, find these listed in my Trip Photos section at

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David K - 12-31-2021 at 07:28 PM

Today, more maps... the 1927 and 2010 Auto Club Baja maps added to the Maps page.

Close to 100 Baja maps now at: