Avena Hotel in the Turkish mountains/Turkish food added

BajaBlanca - 1-15-2023 at 12:59 AM

We live on the beach here is Alanya - I wanted a chance to experience another side of Turkiye. The view of the Mediterranean from our front window.

We took a one day trip to the mountains and stayed at a boutique hotel for the night. We were the only ones there 2 days before New Year's - the next 4 days were going to be 100% occupied. It took us an hour to get there but we felt like we were in another world.

The land where they built the hotel has been in the family for 4 generations and is actually a working farm with many fruit trees, a running stream and cows. They make jams and white butter (sorry but it was tasteless) and cheeses which are served for breakfast.

Here is the outside pool.

I went for a small hike and found these ancient steps. Scary to climb them for this old lady but I did it!

This is a common area living room. They made us a roaring wood fire where I had a glass of wine and Les a beer before dinner.

Turkey is famous for it's breakfasts and the one here did not disappoint, especially since almost all of it is made on the premises.

It was a wonderful 24 hours and this is the view of the hotel from across the valley taken on our way home.

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David K - 1-15-2023 at 09:20 AM

Looks great!

BajaBlanca - 1-15-2023 at 09:24 AM

The real question is WHEN are you going to Baja to post more Baja Trips?

This was a very nice trip we took!

David K - 1-15-2023 at 09:38 AM

Quote: Originally posted by BajaBlanca  
The real question is WHEN are you going to Baja to post more Baja Trips?

This was a very nice trip we took!

Until I do go back (and it won't be until it is hot on land and warm in the sea), you can look at over 1,600 photos here:
(zoom into an area of interest and touch a camera icon there)

pacificobob - 1-15-2023 at 12:16 PM

Good post Blanca. How would you generally describe the food?( Beside the reportedly insipid Butter)

BajaBlanca - 1-16-2023 at 06:07 PM

The butter was snow white and never softened at all, besides being insipid.

Turkish food is delicious! I love the spices used. especially the Ottoman spice which is a blend that adds so much flavor to meat.

The other day I had a Turkish waiter who also is a chef and his wife, come to teach us how to make KOFTE - ground meat on the inside and grains on the outside. I am hooked on kofte (which is translated as meatballs on a menu).

At the grocery store

These are all the flours and grains (including bulgar) used for the outside pouch one will fill with meat.

Eggs are added and then the mixture is worked almost as if you were kneading bread.

ground meat/onions which are eventually mixed together, this will be the stuffing.

Here is what the final dish looks like, we were so busy eating that I forgot to take photos! We made over 30 of them and froze some, unfried (they can also be boiled) in our freezer. I got this photo from the internet. It is eaten with unleavened bread called lavash and at least two different dips - one tomato and one sour cream.

The Turks are famous for their breakfasts, an array of fruit, veggies, jams and breads like I have never seen elsewhere.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts at a restaurant 5 min walking distance from our apartment.

Hook - 1-17-2023 at 05:53 PM

I couldn't agree more about the spices used to season meat. All of the Mediterranean country's meat seasonings are just the best for my palette. Basically, any places that were subjects of the Ottoman Turks.

Maybe it goes back farther than that, I don't know. Especially like the way the Lebanese season meats.

Thanks for showing us a very different part of the world.

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bajadogs - 1-17-2023 at 08:52 PM

That all looks amazing! What is the cheese situation? I know Les' weakness for cheese. Me too