Earthquake 2/20/23 WE ARE OK

BajaBlanca - 2-20-2023 at 06:56 PM

There was another earthquake yesterday evening and the epicenter was in the same location as the last horrific one but I have to say, this time felt so much stronger. I was sitting on the sofa and Les in his armchair and the whole apartment was moving in waves.

The difference between Turkiye and California quakes is that here they are silent. Not one sound - just movement. In California, it sounded like a freight train going thru the house.

It was panic time for me. Maybe because we have watched all the destruction seen on TV, and add to that helping folks who have absolutely nothing now - no shoes no clothes no documents, no home - all this came to mind as the quake struck.

Les has done some reading up and we are actually far from any fault. The closest one is on the other side of Cyprus and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Makes me feel a tiny bit better.

Just wanted to let you know we are OK and if by some terrible reason, something should happen to me: PLEASE please someone go to La Bocana and help the family of 7 kids with uniforms, school material and today they are actually taking the 3 oldest to our Vizcaino dentist since the 7 year old has cavities.

I ranted and raged when they wrote about her needing the dentist. They must brush more, eat less candy and definitely not drink soda.

Mom is Tidiana and does not read or write but leaves whatsapp verbal messages. Dad is Abraham and he does read and write and also uses whatsapp.

Cliffy - 2-21-2023 at 05:43 PM

Prayers for you and yours
Unless the building is in jeopardy you should be OK
I've been through every earthquake in Los Angeles since 1953
The Northridge one being the worst (3 blocks from where it came to the surface) house was destroyed but we are still here.
They are scary but if the house survives so should you.

BajaBlanca - 2-22-2023 at 12:19 PM

Thanks for the positive thoughts - we sure need them!