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Author: Subject: Fishing supplies in Loreto?
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[*] posted on 1-1-2024 at 07:59 AM
Fishing supplies in Loreto?

Flying into Loreto in a few weeks for a short 3-day trip and not checking luggage (long story, just the way it is this trip). I want to take a spinning outfit for some shore fishing while everyone else sleeps in. I can take a reel and some plastics, but would need to get Kastmasters, jigheads etc in town.

For rods I have a few ways to go:
1. Take a 3-piece Penn in it's own tube as separate carryon, about 32" long. Flying American up front so prolly not an issue.
2. Buy an inexpensive rod in town and give to a kid when we leave. I will need to go to the supply store anyway.

I've been to Loreto a number of times but always brought my own gear. What/where is the best store in town for fishing supplies?

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[*] posted on 1-1-2024 at 09:19 AM

The one with the most inventory is Ferre Mar, Calle Benito Juarez 75, Centro. A little pricey but what isn't now days?

There are a few others in town that might be a little less $ but not anywhere near the selection.

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[*] posted on 1-2-2024 at 07:06 AM

So.. you can bring your real, but with no line on it.. get it filled here when your at Ferre-Mar.. Had a friend last year had to surrender his two speed reel, because it was filled with line…

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[*] posted on 1-2-2024 at 03:01 PM

Another vote for Ferre Mar. They sell inexpensive spinning reel and rod combos too. Leaving a fishing rig or two behind is always a nice gesture.

I think the fishing reel with line on it is OK for checked in luggage just not allowed in carry-on bags. That has been our experience.

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