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Author: Subject: MEX water supply getting bad.
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[*] posted on 5-27-2024 at 01:02 PM

The Mexico “problem” is not wasteful tourists or foreign nationals building or buying in Mexico. The problem is poor governance. The problem has always been poor governance. Look no further than the Vulcan materials case or the new PUD being forced on Todos Santos.

In fact tourists and expats living in Mexico are a part of the solution as they bring technical knowledge, revenue and expectations of better public services.

Carping about the lack of resources is not a solution. Investing in improving infrastructure is the solution. Municipal water delivery in Mexico is still out of the early 1900’s.

los Cabos as an example. There is no water shortage if you have money. A large fleet of water trucks deliver water 24/7. Someone profits from that delivery system.

La Paz has no container port worth discussing. What it has is a 1000Km two lane road down which comes most everything necessary to support over 600K people living in BCS. We see every truck headed to Los Cabos from our home. They run 24/7.

It’s obvious that the purpose of all the trucks delivering everything is employment and profit. That said it’s not great for the environment and it’s not very efficient. The capacity of the system is about maxed out. Even a short disruption creates shortages. That is why there finally is talk of a container port in La Paz. Thanks, primarily to pressure from the tourist industry.

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[*] posted on 5-27-2024 at 01:31 PM

You have done your part with your home design and good on you for attempting to limit your own footprint as much as possible.

Might does make right all too often. Money's influence is nothing new, especially in areas where profiting rules the day.

Water? What about the diminishing water resources? Even up here in drought land, builders will not be denied their profiteering irrespective of the water demand.

We received a fair amount of rain this year to replenish a small part of what has been lost, but we need a few more of these El Nino years in a row.

Happy Memorial Day to all Nomads.

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[*] posted on 5-27-2024 at 01:56 PM

Quote: Originally posted by RFClark  

In fact tourists and expats living in Mexico are a part of the solution as they bring technical knowledge, revenue and expectations of better public services.

Wow, so foreigners are God's gift to Mexico because they are supposedly smarter, more knowledgeable and expect more? Sounds like a colonist mentality.

There are plenty of educated Mexicans working in technology fields and alternative energy. And plenty who expect better from their govts.

Where things break down is on the local level, where the powers that be, the "good ole boys" network resent and oppose anyone trying to change how they have always done things, which is usually rife with grift and corruption. It's a long-standing and deeply ingrained societal issue, not a lack of technology, vision, or skills.

The crook who ran the water and septic system in my town for 18 years had to be forced out through years-long legal action mounted by local Mexicans who were fed up with him spending the money on horses and other personal enrichment, rather than upgrading the system with new and better equipment instead of jerry-rigging everything. He even used to
neglect to pay the CFE bills, so the whole town wouldn't receive water for days or more.

But there was a certain contingent of locals who wanted him to remain, because they were personally profiting in some way.

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