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Author: Subject: Student updates and more March 2023
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[*] posted on 3-2-2023 at 06:50 AM
Student updates and more March 2023

I got an email from my La Bocana student, Mayela, saying that she was going to spend a semester in Spain. I wrote to her that I would love to meet up with in Istanbul for a weekend.

She was not in the college scholarship project but her older sister was and graduated in law. Mayela is studying NANOTECHNOLOGY. As you can see, a very smart cookie.

She sent me this photo. She made a Turkish friend!

Then my student Martha started her first real job at the family development center in Santa Rosalia. She was a scholarship recipient and she graduated a year ago! So proud and so happy for her. She met all the requirements: a job with a salary, weekends off, paid vacation and retirement benefits. Once she is thru the probationary months, this is a gvt job for LIFE!

Here she is with Alberto, another scholarship student who graduated when she did. He is manager at a gas station in Santa Rosalia and loves his job.

Here is Martha last month signing documents to be able to work for the government. Her old sponsor wrote that he wanted to pay the bus there and back and he did!

and here is a pic she sent of her first day at work last Monday!

Fast forward to yesterday and we had the dentist set up for Genesis, one of the little ones in Tidiana and Abraham's 7 child family. She went to our regular dentist in Vizcaino a week ago (she is 7 years old) and Dr Alma wrote me and said she needed a specialist for a second tooth, she pulled out one that could not be saved. OMG!!!! That specialist appt. was yesterday, in Santa Rosalia.

She has to have a root canal. Let me just say that again - this little munchkin has to have a root canal done! I did not know this new dentist but had my own dentist explain the situation and that we would cover the cost. We spent an hour chatting yesterday and we are now friends.

This new dentist will cover the cost of putting verneer on all the other teeth. Bless her heart! I will cover the root canal and the two oldest will get their teeth cleaned and tiny cavities filled.

Here is a photo of Genesis yesterday. This new dentist is in Santa Rosalia and fell in love with the most rambunctious Genesis.

I have read Abraham and Tidiana the riot act. They have to monitor toothbrushing. They have toothpaste galore which I left them. I said no no no candy and no no no coke, and religious toothbrushing.

Someone was going to give the 3 kids a ride back to la Bocana but they never showed so Abraham took them back while Tidiana was interned in the hospital. She has gallstones. This is a very dangerous procedure for her since she has heart issues. I was so worried and of course Abraham had to spend cash that he was not expecting on gas to take the kids home where an aunt will watch them.

They dont know anyone in Santa Rosalia so I contacted my three graduates and asked that they keep in touch with the family - just in case there was a need. Martha informed me that she was actually working IN THAT HOSPITAL and that DIF precisely provides food and lodging for patients in need.

Do you believe in miracles? They took food over to Abraham and will keep him fed! He wants to sleep at the hospital with his wife but if he needs a place, they will provide it.

So, at about 2 am my time, I write to see how she is doing and Abraham informs me that the anesthesiologist never showed, so the operation was rescheduled for Thursday.

Always something going on - a mix of wonderful with a bit of real life thrown in.

All the graduates in the college scholarship program are doing so well. Another day I will post more on them.

I do not think I have shared what has been going on here with the earthquake refugees but it was also pretty awesome. Alanya - our city - came together like no effort I have ever seen anywhere else.

Come visit La Bocana

And always remember, life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by those moments that take our breath away.
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